Terrence Pierce

Mark Meyers

I learned to play racquetball in college in the early 90s.  I played outdoor “long wall” for 4 years until moving back to Atlanta, where I learned to play indoor.  I have been sponsored by GearBox for approximately 4 years, getting the offer soon after a demo they 

I have been a drug abuse counselor for 27 years and have been playing racquetball about that long.  I've been sponsored by E-Force for 15 years and currently play with the Invasion X 170.  One of my favorite shots is a backhand reverse pinch, especially on lob serves.  I also 



did at the Windward LA Fitness.  My proudest racquetball moments are winning a gold medal in the Georgia games, and making it to the quarterfinals at the US open.  (I was a towel boy for Ben Croft!) 

I work for a pharmaceutical company and like to spend time with my family on Lake Lanier. 

like beating opponents mentally (because I'm too old to beat them physically!).  My best tournament finish was 3rd in the 40 A division at the US Open.  I enjoy teaching fellow players and bringing new comers to the sport.

Frank Skaggs

Michael Miller, Jr.

I have been playing for 24 years, and first learned to play at FAMU.  I work as a Senior Operations Manager for HMS Host at the airport, currently managing The Varsity on Concourse F.  My favorite shot is a backhand pinch.  To keep you off balance it's a high Z 

I've been playing racquetball since 1978 when I took a class in college.  I am currently an A player.  Sponsored by Wilson, I am the Wilson Team Advisor, run the Georgia Wilson Team, and play with the Wilson Lite Stick at 155g.  My game is based on my drive serve.  My goal is to 



shot.  My two greatest accomplishments are winning two national championships in 2011, and seeing my sons win the Regional Elite Doubles together in 2011.

force a weak return for a set up.  My greatest accomplishment is the many new players I have brought into the game over the years.  I would like to play until I'm 90 and would like to continue to introduce players to the game. 

was playing my first tournament.  There were no women to play so I played in Men’s D.  It was my first tournament and I got 4th place but I had the best time.  My favorite shot is the side wall splat.  A goal I have is to play on the same court with some of the best pro women players.

Carolyn Dwyer

Kanesha Madison

I learned how to play racquetball in 2002.   I am sponsored by E-Force and prefer to hit with the Heatseeker 2.0 160.  I currently play with the Invasion X-160.  I got started playing during the softball off-season and the more I played, the more I loved the game.  My proudest moment 

I started playing racquetball in September of 2011 and entered my first tournament in February of 2012.  I hit with an E-Force Heatseeker at 170g and feel like I'm getting better every day.  My greatest accomplishment came when I finally won a 



division title in the Hope For a Cure breast cancer benefit.  My goal is to continue to improve and to get more women involved in competitive racquetball at every level.

Will Costanza

Chris Poucher



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